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MERCH: https://oversimplified.tv/merchHas football ever caused a war? No. Except for that one time it kind of did.If you would like to see more OverSimplifie...

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"Football War - MiniWars #2" is a video created by OverSimplified that covers the events that caused and happened during the Football War (AKA the Soccer War, the Hundred Hours' War, or the 100 Hour War). Summary. For decades, hundreds of thousands of people from El Salvador immigrated to Honduras to find better work.

The Soccer War – Soccer Politics / The Politics of Football

On July 14, 1969, the “Soccer War” officially began when three El Salvadoran fighter aircrafts made an incursion into Honduran airspace. Soon afterward, the Salvadoran army made immediate advances towards the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, and launched attacks on the main road connecting the two countries.

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The three matches that were played in June 1969 served as “the catalyst which helped to ignite an already inflammable situation.”[1] Author Eduardo Galeano sums up the tension that spilled over from the matches into greater society: “Soccer, metaphor for war, at times turns into real war.”[2] The Soccer War is thus a bloody reminder that the implications of sport can reach far beyond the field.

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OverSimplified: Quick, you have two seconds to name these two countries. You're wrong, unless you got it right. Then good job! They are, of course, Honduras and El Salvador. One thing these two countries have in common is being fanatic about football, or, if you're a freedom-loving patriot, soccer. But do they love it so much, they would go to war over it?

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The Football War (Spanish: La guerra del fútbol; colloquial: Soccer War or the Hundred Hours' War, also known as 100 Hour War) was a brief war fought between El Salvador and Honduras in 1969. Existing tensions between the two countries coincided with rioting during a 1970 FIFA World Cup qualifier . [1]

Honduras v El Salvador: The football match that kicked off a war

The day after the game, US news agency UPI ran a piece with the headline "Soccer 'War' Won by El Salvador, 3-2". According to the report, 1,700 Mexican police attended the game to prevent violence ...

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